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The Fourth, Fireworks, and Your Dog: What Every Pet Owner Needs to Know

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For many Americans, the Fourth of July is something to celebrate — after all, who doesn’t love a cookout with family and friends, a day off work, and most importantly, the fireworks! Unfortunately, our dogs don’t share the same enthusiasm for Independence Day — running and hiding at the first pop of firecracker. But why are dogs so afraid of fireworks?

Sensitive Ears

Dogs hate fireworks for the same reason that they hate thunderstorms: they have incredibly sensitive ears. A dog’s hearing is much more receptive to loud noises than a human’s, and the average dog has three times as many muscles devoted to hearing when compared to a person’s ear. This means that the range of frequencies your dog can hear is at least twice the size of what you can hear — and that loud sounds are felt much more intensely.

A Tough Day for Pups

To your dog, the bangs and booms of a firework celebration are like an artificial thunderstorm, only amplified. In addition to the intensity of the explosions (due to how much closer they are to the ground when compared to thunder clouds), the unpredictability of fireworks’ schedules can make this fun tradition a complete nightmare for dogs. Just like when you see your dog bolting under the bed at the first signs of during a thunderstorm, the Fourth of July triggers dogs’ anxiety and fear reactions because they don’t understand that the loud, sudden, ear-shattering noises aren’t actually signs of danger to come.

Relief for Your Dog

Luckily, you don’t need to wait until the Fourth of July rolls around to help treat your dog’s anxiety. Offering consistent emotional support and comfort along with soothing amenities like familiar toys and a comfortable bed or blanket can help your pup survive not only the Fourth of July, but thunderstorms and other stress-causing events that involve loud noises. Creating a “thunder room” to comfort your dog is a necessity, and dogs should be carefully monitored both during storms and during the Fourth to ensure that they are not able to get outside, as your pooch is more likely to dash for cover and wind up lost!

If you are interested in learning more about how to comfort your pet during the Fourth of July or the benefits of purchasing eco friendly dog beds for your pet, give All Natural Dog Beds a call today at 856-866-6061.


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