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Details, details, details! Our dog bed products are made by dog lovers, for dog lovers who just want the best for their faithful companions. All product development centers on our motto: Quality, Comfort, Style.

Quality: Our dog beds and dog blankets are made to last through years of enjoyment. We carefully choose the organic cotton fabrics that go into every bed, mat or blanket. Fabrics must be strong enough for feisty dogs and soft enough for a baby puppy, or senior dog.

Then they are sewn in the USA, by professional seamstresses to exacting standards. And, of course, frequent washing in hot water and machine drying is required! We don’t have time for hand washing or hang drying -ever!

Our natural, organic latex has a lifespan of 8-10 years. We know there are other less expensive foams available, but we choose pure and natural latex rubber for our dogs. GOLS Certificate

Comfort: Dogs do love to sleep often. Our goal is to make dog beds they will choose to sleep on, for long periods of time.  Whether it is a blanket to hide under or an orthopedic bed for an arthritic dog, we concentrate on what matters. In particular, our organic latex mattresses offer the best in comfort and orthopedic support. We are the only manufacturer that uses increasing firmness as the beds increase in size. These are enjoyed by all dogs, young and old.

Organic cotton is used in all of our products to reduce chemical exposure, and to be the most comforting bedding. Cotton is breathable and hypoallergenic. In comparison, a dog bed made with polyester fabric or filling can be itchy, trap moisture and produce static.

Style: Simple, less is more. Fabrics that look good after years of washing. Cotton is naturally stain-resistant. If necessary, with a little prewash, dog dirt usually washes right out. Colors are chosen to compliment house décor trends. We also offer patterns to camouflage paw prints in between washing.

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