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New Puppy Checklist

Posted by Mary Hughes on
New Puppy Checklist - All Natural Dog Beds

Welcoming a new puppy into your home can be a life-altering experience. While it may seem overwhelming, in a matter of time you will both learn to co-exist. Soon your new companion will be a loyal and trusted friend.

Be Prepared! First, anticipate that a puppy will wander and explore, and need frequent attention. Set your puppy, and yourself, up for success!

Puppy-proof your home.

  • Secure electric cords and keep them hidden, to avoid unwanted chewing.
  • Keep cleaning supplies and medications out of reach or in cabinets. Consider child-proof latches.
  • Put away potential choking hazards, such as coins, paper clips, jewelry, and yes, socks!
  • Keep doors and windows closed, to avoid escapes or falling out. Raise and secure hanging cords from blinds.
  • Remove poisonous house plants. 

Develop a daily routine.

  • Make time in your day to provide a predictable exercise and sleep routine.
  • Schedule in time for exercise and play for health, and to promote more restful sleep.
  • Provide appropriate toys for play and teething, which can also prevent unwanted chewing of your household.
  • Limit wandering space with gates, or use an ex-pen to prevent mischief or accidents.

We highly recommend using a crate.

  • A crate is a safe and cozy spot for your puppy to wind down and sleep.
  • Crate training will make housetraining far easier for your pup, and you.
  • A crate is the safest spot for your puppy during car trips.
  • Feeling comfortable in a crate can be a lifesaver if your puppy should ever require time, or days, at the vet.

Provide a dependable cozy spot for sleep.

  • Puppies sleep about 15-20 hours per day (adult dogs sleep 12 or more).
  • Find a quiet, warm space, preferably in a confined area.
  • Use a washable bed or mat for comfort and convenience.
  • We recommend a waterproof liner for all puppies to keep the bed sanitary.
  • A blanket is an added comfort for a puppy to dig and fluff when settling down.

We are always happy to answer questions, or to make suggestions for choosing a bed or mat for your special new companion. Call 856-866-6061, email or contact us!!

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