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3 Ways for Pet Owners to Go Green

Posted by All Natural Dog on
dog walking in the woods with fallen leaves

Many of us recycle and try to use less to help the environment, but did you know that your dog also contributes to your household carbon emissions? Your pets are practically family to you, and like with the rest of your family, you might be thinking about how you can help to save the planet. Here are some quick tips to lessen Fido’s carbon paw print.

1) Household cleaning products. A few safe, simple ingredients include soap, water, baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice and borax. Aided by a little elbow grease and a coarse sponge for scrubbing, these items can take care of most household cleaning needs and they can save you lots of money wasted on unnecessary and potentially harmful purchases. So, less exposure to harmful chemicals.

 2) Go all-natural. Your pet needs a lot of supplies, from toys to leashes, it can be difficult to keep track of everything that your pet is using. However, these products can quickly add up to a larger impact on the environment. Help your dog go green by choosing to buy better quality eco-friendly dog beds and toys. Environmentally friendly doesn’t have to mean boring! For example, you can treat Spot to a luxury latex orthopedic dog bed while still doing your part for Mother Earth. Purchasing longer lasting products will translate to less waste in landfills.

3) Compost your dog’s waste. It’s important to pick up your dog’s waste when you’re out on a walk. Not only can leaving waste on the ground be a pain for other dog walkers and joggers, but it can seep into water areas and potentially pollute ground and surface areas with bacteria or parasites. A little-known secret among pet owners is that you can actually compost your dog’s waste. While not suitable for fruit or vegetable plants, composting your dog’s waste in other parts of your yard (as tree or flower fertilizer) destroys pathogens while also helping you grow the beauty of your yard!

If you wish to learn more ways to go green or are interested in all-natural and organic cotton dog beds, we encourage you to contact us today!

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