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COVID-19. Planning for the care of your pets.

Posted by All Natural Dog Beds Admin on
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Feeling overwhelmed with information? We're deferring to the experts. There is currently no evidence of pets transmitting the COVID 19 virus to humans. There are a few cases that suggest humans 'may' be transmitting it to pets.

Here is the take home message from the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA): "Human outbreaks are driven by person-to-person transmission. Accordingly, we see no reason to remove pets from homes even if COVID-19 has been identified in members of the household, unless there is risk that the pet itself is not able to be cared for appropriately.
During this pandemic emergency, animals and people each need the support of the other and veterinarians are there to support the good health of both."

So, be sure to make a plan for the care of your pets if you are unable to do so.

AVMA Guidelines for pet care

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