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Do Not Let Arthritis Define Your Dog’s Life

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Old age comes to us all; however, to our dogs, it unfortunately comes much faster. As years go by so quickly, our waggy-tailed, tongue-lolling ball of fur gets to be a rickety old-timer. But don’t let the mood slip; your dog sure doesn’t. No matter his or her age, running after the Frisbee (or their tail) still comes as #1. Even so, with increased age, obstacles can start to stand in your dog’s way, causing them to be stiff and sore. Your vet may have even diagnosed your dog with arthritis.

What is Arthritis?

Arthritis is a painful joint disease that can slow down and restrict your dog’s typical activities. As they get older, the cartilage surface of their joints begins to thin, and the cells dwindle, releasing enzymes that cause inflammation of the joint capsule. Osteophytes, or bony growths, can also develop, causing further disruption to your dog’s joint. All of these processes make things that were once second nature, now an effort. Your dog can become less willing to climb stairs or jump. Worst case scenario, your dog may even stop playing, become depressed, and have a reduced appetite. But don’t worry, there are many natural ways to help your dog.   

What can I do?

Aside from playing, how do dogs spend most of their time? Sleeping! Dogs actually require much more sleep than humans do, and usually their naps are taken on the floor. Some privileged, pampered, and lucky dogs get to snooze on the couch or bed, but with arthritis plaguing them, jumping up doesn’t seem so inviting anymore. And sleeping on the cold, hard floor isn’t so great for their bones or joints either. In fact, the best solution for a dog with achy joints is to sleep on a proper dog bed. Having a dog bed with our latex orthopedic mattress can help your dog in so many ways.

How can All Natural Dog Bed’s Natural Latex Orthopedic Dog Bed Help?

  • It is supportive, uplifting, and pressure relieving on joints.
  • It benefits your dog’s circulation and helps with the alignment of their joints.
  • It provides dynamic support for both the spine and the joints, allowing your pet to move freely and comfortably on the mattress surface.
  • It breathes better than other types of latex or foam products, providing cooler sleep by allowing body heat to dissipate. The breathable design and cell structure creates a temperature neutral environment.
  • It is non-toxic, made out of natural latex from the sap of the Hevea Brasiliensis rubber tree. It does not have petroleum or plastics, which are typically found in most foam dog beds.
  • It is 20x more durable than traditional bedding foams.

Our latex orthopedic dog beds can improve circulation and alignment, which may decrease the sequelae of your dog’s arthritis by providing him or her with a good night (or day)’s rest. With enough comfortable sleep easing their body, your dog may start feeling a little better. And certainly, will get more snuggles out of you! Our organic dog bedding is made with your dog in mind. When in need, they look to you with those big brown eyes, melting candles. It is up to you to make the right choice and give them what they need. 

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