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Natural Latex VS Common Memory Foam: The Difference Between Natural and Synthetic

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Both you and your dog need and enjoy the comfort that bedding brings you, but have you ever stopped to question what it is that you are laying on? Bedding can be attributed to many different things, whether it be skin allergies or a poor night’s sleep. Let you and your dog enjoy the kind of sleep you deserve, the all natural and pure way with our orthopedic dog beds.

Natural Latex was explored in our previous blog to be a natural alternative to the synthetic chemicals that are used in common memory foam bedding. Its perks leave you questioning why you never knew about it before. For the health of your dog who is more sensitive to chemicals and other qualities in bedding, please consider making the more eco-friendly switch to Natural latex.

The Differences Between Natural Latex and Common Memory Foam   

Natural Latex = Derived from the Hevea Brasiliensis Tree.  
Memory Foam = Derived from petroleum oil.

Natural Latex = Is responsive so that little energy is required to move when getting up or rolling over.
Memory Foam = You sink in so moving requires more energy.

Natural Latex = Is hypoallergenic, naturally antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antifungal.
Memory Foam = Is usually too dense for hypoallergenic properties or will require added materials for these benefits.

Natural Latex = Is hygienic and moisture dissipating.
Memory Foam = Moisture can get trapped and heat can build up.

Natural Latex = Has no toxins and has no harmful materials – environmentally safe.
Memory Foam = Can be partly off-gassing if the right materials aren’t used.

Natural Latex = Extremely durable.
Memory Foam = Trapped warmth or moisture can reduce durability. Tends to break down over time.

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