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How to Help Dogs with Joint Issues

Posted by All Natural Dog Beds Admin on
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If you’ve ever dealt with arthritis or other joint pain, you know how big of an inconvenience chronic illness can be. Getting through your day is 10 times harder, and even something as little as picking up a coin or key off the floor can cause large amounts of pain. But did you know that your furry friend may also suffer from joint or ligament damage?

As our dogs get older, they are prone to developing some kind of chronic pain that can make it difficult to run, jump, and play the same as when they were puppies. If your dog is beginning to show signs of joint damage, there are steps that you can take as a pet owner to help them through it.

● Manage their diet. Most of us tend to put on some weight as we age, and our beloved pets are no exception. However, carrying around a few extra pounds can put unnecessary strain on the joints, leading to exaggerated symptoms and pain associated with arthritis in pets. See your veterinarian if you believe that your dog is overweight; he or she can help you craft a special plan of diet and exercise to get your pooch back into shape.

● Choose therapeutic accessories. Many companies are now offering therapeutic pet beds for sale online which offer orthopedic support to your pet. A firm, orthopedic dog bed can help to ease pressure on the joints by redistributing weight and putting less direct weight on the dog’s joints. Buy a therapeutic dog bed online today, and be sure to place it in a dry, warm area; arthritis pain can become worse if the animal is frequently wet or cold.

● Exercise, exercise, exercise! Like humans, our pets need regular movement to keep their joints actively repairing themselves. Regular exercise can also help your pet manage their weight along with a low-calorie diet. If your pet is older, taking a short walk or swim will allow them to exercise without putting excess strain on their joints or muscles.

If you wish to help your dog avoid chronic pain, contact our friendly staff at All Natural Dog Beds today!

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