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How to Recognize an Allergy in Your Dog

Posted by All Natural Dog Beds Admin on
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 Did you know that just like their human counterparts, dogs can suffer from allergies once the spring season rolls around? It’s true! Many pet owners are unaware that when the pollen, mold or dust levels begin to trigger their seasonal allergies, their pets might be suffering too.

Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about allergies in pets and learn how you can help your dog enjoy a happier and healthier spring this year!

  • What are the signs of a pet with an allergy? If you suffer from allergies yourself, you probably already know the symptoms of an allergy attack. Many of these symptoms, including excessive sneezing, watery eyes, itchy skin, and a runny nose, will appear in dogs who have allergies as well. Pet owners should also be on the lookout for swollen paws, constant licking, and a new snoring habit, as these are common symptoms of allergies in dogs as well.
  • Which breeds of dogs can suffer from allergies? Though any dog can develop an allergy at any point in his or her life, there are a few breeds that have been found to be particularly prone to seasonal allergies. If your dog is a Terrier, Setter, Retriever or of a flat-faced breed like a bulldog or pug, you should remain especially aware of the risks that allergies can bring to the health of your pet.
  • What are the most common substances pets are allergic to? Your dog can be allergic to almost anything that you can be allergic to. Some of the most common allergies found in dogs are dust, grass, cigarette smoke and pollen. A new trend of synthetic dog beds has also brought professional attention to skin reactions and rashes resulting from allergies to the toxic materials these beds are made from. If you notice your pet scratching more often or developing a rash, you can invest in a synthetic and chemical free dog bed from All Natural Dog Beds to help your pooch sleep a bit easier.

Recognizing your pet’s allergies is crucial to help maintain its health, especially as the weather heats up. If you are searching for an organic alternative to processed and synthetic fibers that can trigger allergies in your dog or looking to buy an orthopedic pet bed online, we encourage you to browse our website today; your pet will thank you!

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