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Better Sleep Helps Your Dog Learn, Studies Say

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Sleeping Dogs Learn More

Have you been trying to teach an old dog new tricks? According to new research from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the key to success may be helping your dog get better sleep.

Researchers used EEG scans to monitor canine brain waves after learning and found that restful sleep after a training lesson resulted in different patterns of brain waves, which helped the dogs to solidify the information they had learned more effectively. This means that if you have trouble housebreaking a new puppy, you may want to buy a therapeutic dog bed online from All Natural Dog Beds to ease your frustration!

During the experiment, 15 dogs were assigned to either a learning or non-learning condition. While brain scans revealed that quality sleep helped dogs in the learning condition remember what they had been taught, they also revealed that learning also affected the dogs’ sleep as well. Dogs who were assigned to the learning condition saw an increase in delta power, which researchers said may signify that learning increases a “depth of sleep.”

What does this mean for your dog?

Whether you’re looking to train a new puppy or teach an older dog something new to keep his or her mind active, one way to help is by ensuring that your four-legged friend is getting plenty of quality sleep. If you’ve noticed that your dog’s learning hasn’t been going as well as you’d hoped, pay special attention to how they sleep at night. Tossing and turning could mean that your pooch is in pain or discomfort.

Investing in a higher quality bed can help dogs of all ages get the sleep that they need to improve their learning. If you buy an orthopedic dog bed online from an organic retailer like All Natural Dog Beds, you can help your dog improve his or her retention of what they’ve learned.

Anyone who is interested in learning more about the science behind canine sleep and the connection between quality sleep and improved learning in pets is encouraged to give our team at All Natural Dog Beds a call at 856-866-6061 or browse our website.

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