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Organic cotton dog bed cover flowered

Deborah B., FL

These all natural latex orthopedic dog bed mattresses are the best! We've had ours for over a year now and they're still like new - no lumpiness, no sagging. The covers are well made and launder beautifully.

Organic vita dog bed, fluffy dog

Jean, S., CA

"Hi Mary, All the beds and blankets are so beautiful but most importantly healthy. I didn’t smell any off gassing. Of course they are all organic!! He doesn’t go under the insert yet as he doesn’t know such a bed. Maybe with time? My husband started to use the blankets even though I planned them for my furbaby. You’re the best Mary".

XXL orthopedic dog bed

Ileane P., AB, Canada

"Hi Mary, Just wanted to let you know we receive the bed and Doey seems to love it (picture attached)."

happy little dog

Lorelei M., NM

Toshi and I received his two beds. They really are wonderful. I'd been wanting to get him healthy beds to better accomodate his unique needs for a long time. He really enjoys sleeping on the latex mattress at night since he can stretch out under the ceiling fan and be comfy and cool.
The snuggle one is great towards morning when it's cooler. And yes, the blanket is so soft! I may have to order another blanket eventually.
Toshi had a stroke a couple years ago, then seizures. He's much better now but not as flexible, so the mattress is easy for him to step onto. When I put him into the other bed, he snuggles in.
Here's a pic of Toshi in his stroller for longer morning walks. I take him for shorter walks without the stroller in the evenings.
Thank you again and also for supporting pet health and a clean environment, Have a wonderful day!

Orthopedic dog bed bernie

Tina C., FL

"I just wanted to let you know how much my little rescue LOVES his latex mattress. When I first found him, he was so weak and emaciated that I had to turn him every two hours so that his wounds would heal and that he didn’t get any pressure ulcers. Your mattress played an important part in his healing. I’m sure the extra love that you put into making it helped as well."

organic dog mat lime

Francine P., NY

"The color is bright, the fleece is soft. My two cats cozy up on it. I have bought 2 and they almost cover the seat of the couch. Most important they are chemical free."


Organic Cotton Dog Blankets, Grey Jersey

Christine I., CA

"I received your beautiful blanket yesterday.  I LOVE it. The quality is amazing !!  I carefully followed your washing instructions and it turned out great. And the most important part is that my little Pepper loves it too. Thanks so much."

organic sleep in dog beds

Jeanne H., TX

"The bed is very nicely made!"

organic dog blanket online

Kat S., OR

"Very good quality product. Washes nicely and is super soft. Good service from the seller as well. Thanks!"

Katya, NJ

"These are awesome!"

 organic dog blanket online

Tina B., NC

"No static shocks! I absolutely love it."

Merle S., PA

"Comet adored the bed, and insisted on sleeping inside the pouch. Quatro loved it too, but Comet wanted it all for himself. I hope they won’t fight too much over it!! I just wanted to thank you, the new design is awesome, the fleece is beautiful, and I really love the fabric. …your level of commitment in using high quality, sustainable materials and improving your product is uncommon in today’s world. Your integrity has been very much appreciated."

organic dog blanket online

Theresa S., OR

"This blanket is beautifully made from some really nice quality cotton fleece. Just perfect in its simplicity and oh, the dog loves it.  Both Stella and I thank you."

Latex dog mat

Clair B., DC

“I love this and would like a second. Could I please order another large Ultimat"

Pink bed with dog

Deborah K., NM

"I love your products. So hard to find organic for dogs. I love the quality of the small dog blanket I ordered.
I will be ordering more from you soon. Thanks! "

dog bed natural latex mattress

Odin M., GA

“Got the bed and I think it is actually perfect. He is sleeping so much more soundly and hasn't woken up panting one time since I switched out the memory foam. Thank you!! Seriously, he is a different dog after sleeping in there. He hated that memory foam."

Latex dog bed

Chrissy H., ID

"Great bed that will get years of use. All the dogs that have visited our home have enjoyed my dogs bed."


organic dog blanket online

Deborah A., CA

"This is a great dog blanket, soft and cozy. When I put it on my dog’s bed, she did some serious sniffing of it and then settled in comfortably. thank you!"

 organic dog blanket

Alice O., NY

"Amazing blanket!! The only place I will order from, from now on!"

all natural dog beds happy customer

Jennifer H., MO

Fastest shipping ever! I'm pretty sure this shop shipped the same day I purchased. Both the blanket and bed are made from quality material. Since my Iggy is just a puppy we pulled the pillow out of his bed and we're just getting him used to the pouch part. As you can see in the photo, he crawled in the moment we opened it! 🙂

Joy & Steven, NM

"This is the most beautiful bed I’ve ever seen."

Excellent Dog Mats, Magic Blue & Beige

Melissa S., Hawaii

"I wanted to let you know the blankets arrived safely and the dogs immediately played all over them. They are beautifully made! Gorgeous! I wish my own bed blanket could be that nice.

The quality of your product is so good, I will probably order more items when I return.

Thank you very much. Aloha"

organic cotton dog bed 2 customers

Cara R., TX

"Just wanted to say thanks. Love the bed. Beautiful bed. Great quality. Super easy to clean. Love it."

organic dog bed happy customer

Merrill B., VT

"Thanks so much for the bed, Lola is a burrower so she LOVES it!. . . She got in it immediately by the way and “nested” in it."

Pat K., NJ

"Just wanted to write and thank you for the wonderful bedding.  I’ve been searching for all natural bedding for years, so glad I’ve found you. I do not sleep on polyester or synthetics.  Now my dogs don’t have to either.

Everything is made from the finest materials which the dogs LOVE and I appreciate.  The crate pads wear like iron and launder beautifully.  The icing on the cake is that everything is sewn with care right here at home in the USA!"

 olive orthopedic dog bed

Ted B., ON, Canada

"Hi, Just want to say thanks. We received the bed last week and it is a really a great of quality of dog bed. Dawson made himself right a home on it immediately."

organic dog mats online

Diane H., IL

"Perfect weight material for repeat washings, and will fit in our travel crates too. Love ’em."

Robert M's puppy in crate

Robert M., WA

"We ordered three of these crate mats, and so far, we’re delighted with them in every way. The fabric feels durable but fairly soft. Also, the mats are short enough that they fit underneath the adjustable "life stages panels" in our crates, but the interior fill material is dense enough to provide some cushion and comfort."

Organic Cotton Fleece Dog Blankets, Natural Beige folded

Judith C., SC

"These are great. Very soft and cozy. The pups love them. And I love that they are healthy unlike the polyester versions that outgas toxic dust!"

orthopedic dog beds australian shephard dog

Kristi C., MO

"It’s perfect! My mom said that he’s sleeping on it all night…no troubles! She said that he was completely upside down this morning! Normally, he’s not that happy about beds. But he loves it. The bed also has some of his hair on it, but you can’t tell, at all!!!! He was happy to pose for his pictures on it!!!!"

organic dog mats in pink

Torre T., MD

"I wanted to let you know the 2 dog mats are perfect! I tell the kitty that they are cat maids ? i like the thickness of them too. Thanks!"


Organic Sleep In Dog Bed, In Cranberry Fleece

Persia A., CA

"Thank you! Our dogs LOVE THE beds and blankets!"

organic dog bed fleece large

Sasha K, Nanaimo B.C.

"We received the bed an hour ago and I have to say that I don’t think a long coat Chihuahua has ever looked so comfortable and fashionable in bed . . . If I decide to open a five star dog hotel, it will feature these beds."

fleece organic dog blanket online

Rebecca R., NH

"Gorgeous, high quality blankets….so soft. I ordered one in each size and will likely order more in the near future!! FAST shipping."

Jutta K. OH

"Your crate pads last forever and wash really well. Love them!"

Sole Mat, Organic Dog Mat, Plume

David R., WI

"Received the dog mat today, a very excellent piece of work, and the fabric is exceptional. Will recommend your work to all of my friends who have dogs, or cats."

Karen T., AL

"I love them (Sole Mats) because they are well made – sturdy, hold up to multiple washing and are not easy for the dogs to damage.. They are thick enough to give support but lay flat in a crate making it difficult for a dog to toss them around or dig them up from the bottom of the crate. I am very impressed with the holding up to multiple washing. Some of mine are at least 5 or 6 years old and they still look new."

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