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Sleep In Dog Beds are soft and cozy to cuddle your favorite dog.

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The Sleep In Dog Bed is our coziest creation. Dogs love to snuggle inside the sleeping bag compartment all year round, or rest on top. These beds are perfect for dogs that prefer to burrow down into their bedding. They eliminate the need to dig and fluff. So, your pet can just slip inside and sleep! Cotton is a great choice for natural comfort, breathability, and ease of washing. All of our beds are made with organic cotton fabrics. Organic cotton is grown without the heavy load of carcinogenic pesticides typically required for conventional cotton. While conventional cotton is technically “natural” it is not eco friendly, and not necessarily “healthy”. Our natural, organic fabrics wash up easily in hot or cold water; quickly shed dirt, odors and stains. Organic cotton breathes and will not contain moisture in the bed. If you’ve ever noticed dampness in your dog bedding, that is usually the result of polyester fabrics that trap moisture (mold and mildew). The outer layer of our Sleep In Dog Bed is a substantial organic cotton fabric, in your choice of several woven or fleece knits in a pattern or solid color. These are heavy upholstery fabrics that wash well, are long lasting, and come in a variety of styles and colors. sleep in dog bedAll of our Sleep In Dog Beds have our super soft, heavy organic cotton fleece inside. The organic fleece is a heavy knit and not anything like typical polyester or polar fleece. Our organic cotton fleece is grown Texas and processed in North Carolina. This eco-friendly fabric is carefully developed in keeping with Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS). Our Sleep In Dog Bed is available with an amazing Natural Talalay Latex Mattress, or a very fluffy pillow made with recycled poly in a cotton encasement. The mattress and pillow are removable to make laundering a breeze, and the pillow is also machine washable. The non-toxic, Natural Talalay Latex mattress (from the rubber tree) is made without petroleum or plastics, which are typically found in many dog beds. It is Mold, Mildew & Bacteria proof, and Dust Mite resistant. Made in the USA by Talalay Global, Talalay Latex provides 31% more pressure relief than memory foam, does not require heat for comfort, and does not generate heat. The mattress provides dynamic support for the spine and joints, allowing your pet to move freely and comfortably on the mattress surface. In contrast, memory foam molds around the dog and may prohibit movement. Talalay is 4x more durable than other latex and 20x more durable than traditional bedding foams. The Sleep In Dog Bed is very comfortable whether you choose the pillow bed or our Natural Talalay Latex Mattress. Our Sleep In Dog Bed keeps your pet snuggly warm in winter, and is appreciated in air conditioned homes during the summer. It is a versatile bed that allows your pet to choose whether to sleep on top or snuggled inside. Our high quality, eco-friendly, natural dog beds are all hand sewn in the USA, by professional seamstresses. Do not forget to check out our other products, such as our memory foam dog bedslatex orthopedic dog beds and our organic dog blankets!

It’s perfect! My mom said that he’s sleeping on it all night…no troubles! She said that he was completely upside down this morning! Normally, he’s…

Kristi C., MO