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Organic Cotton Dog Coverlets - How It's Made

Our waterproof fabric is breathable, soft, stretchy, flexible & durable, making it ideal for use in pet beds, baby diapers, mattress covers, etc. No crinkling sound! It is Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) certified- child safe; contains no lead, BPA, fire retardants, or other harmful chemicals.

This superior quality fabric has a long life-cycle, and beats generic PUL with a duty cycle of 300+ washings. Manufactured using an Eco-friendly thermal bonding process, using no toxic solvents, and emitting no toxic waste or VOCs (Volatile Organic Chemicals); using CPSIA compliant materials.

All Natural Dog has you covered! This dog-proof organic cotton dog coverlet is also available in Sage/Natural and Natural/Natural. Our coverlets and blankets coordinate with our Latex Orthopedic Dog Beds and organic Dog Mats.