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Organic Cotton Dog Blankets - How It's Made

Our cotton fleece dog blanket is double layered and hand sewn by professional seamstresses. Made in USA. It is a heavy blanket, soft and smooth.

The blanket fabric contains all organically grown cotton, from Texas, USA. The organic cotton is processed in NC. It is scoured with gentle biodegradable citrus scour. Dyes consist of low impact, low salt fiber reactive dyes, utilizing low liquor jets that minimize dyestuff waste. Wastewater is treated at the plant to ensure nothing environmentally harmful remains in the effluent. The resulting fabric is fantastic!

Machine wash and dry in any temperature. Stain resistant, odors wash out easily, and it keeps its shape after frequent washing and drying. No static electricity, no need for fabric softeners. We recommend laundering with washing soda or oxy cleaners when necessary. 

Avoid washing with towels or high lint fabrics as towel lint will adhere to the blanket.