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Organic Egyptian Fleece Dog Blanket


Our Organic Egyptian Cotton Dog Blanket is soft as cashmere! This blanket is super soft and fluffier than our heavy weight blanket. Perfect for dogs that like to dig and fluff up their bed.   

  • Small 26" x 38"
  • Medium  36" x 56"
  • XLarge: 64" x 88"

These organic cotton dog blankets are crafted from the finest double-sided brushed fleece. After the first wash, the fibers will condense to create a ‘sherpa’ like effect to add to its warmth, uniqueness and beauty.

*These will shed lots of lint in the first few washes, this is normal!* Avoid washing with towels or high lint fabrics as lint will adhere to the fleece. We suggest washing alone or with other cotton fleece products in the first few washes.

Dye free, whitened using oxygen process.

Machine wash and dry in any temperature, with like colors. No bleach. We recommend laundering with washing soda or oxy cleaners when necessary. No static electricity, no need for fabric softeners; rather try wool dryer balls for faster drying.

    Gold Seal of Egyptian Cotton     Under the Nile's GOTS Certification


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    Happy dogs, happy customers!

    I just wanted you to know I received the new mat today when I got home from work.  I haven’t washed it yet, but I could immediately tell a difference when taking it out of the packaging of the thickness.  Thank you!!  I really appreciate the extra mile you went to send me a new (and with priority) sole mat.  Thank you for listening and offering not only great products, but great service.  It has been great doing business with your company!

    Very good quality product. Washes nicely and is super soft. Good service from the seller as well. Thanks!

    I just received your bed tonight. My furbaby waited for me to open the box. Then he went on sleeping on this new bed right away!
    The size is perfect and the bed is beautiful and comfy.

    Frequently asked questions

    • Where are your dog beds manufactured?

      Our own branded products are hand-sewn in the USA. Select products from our partners made outside of the US, are stated on the specific product page. 

    • Where do you source your organic cotton fabrics?

      Our fabrics are made in the USA, and/or India (Fair Trade). Please refer to each product page for details and any exceptions.

    • Are your dog beds Certified Organic?

      Our dog beds are made with GOTS certified 100% organic cotton woven fabrics. Our fleece fabrics contain USDA certified 100% organically grown cotton, that is grown and processed in USA.

      Our Egyptian 100% Organic Cotton Blankets are GOTS certified.

      The Latex in our beds and mats is GOLS certified Organic.

      More information can be found on each product page.

    • Where is your Latex made?

      Our latex beds and mats are made with organic natural latex harvested from organically-grown rubber trees in Sri Lanka.

      GOLS Certificate

    • Do any of your bedding products contain flame retardants?

      NO! None.

    • Does a 3 inch high latex mattress provide enough orthopedic support for a large dog?

      Yes. Our Natural Latex is made in different firmnesses according to bed size. The toy and small size mattress is just right for tiny dogs and cats, mediums are mid-range firmness. Larger mattresses will be firmer for larger, heavier dogs. Therefore, no matter what size your dog is, we have you covered! The 3-inch height also makes it easier for dogs to step onto the bed, especially those with limited mobility or orthopedic ailments.

      Some manufacturers sell higher/thicker dog beds. Most of those beds are made with different layers of foam glued together. Often, only a portion of the layers are actually latex, as they are mixed with various other cheaper foam types. Some are made with shredded foam, which has a tendency to shift around in the cover, offering very little orthopedic support.

    • How do I wash All Natural Dogs’ products?

      Dogs can be messy! So, all of our bedding is made to be washed frequently and conveniently. We recommend washing in cold water with an eco-friendly detergent and hang drying for environmental reasons. However, if necessary they can all be machine washed in any desired temperature and tumbled dry. Cotton fabrics will wrinkle, but we feel that is not as important as the natural qualities of our beds.

      Our beds will last for years and resist stains naturally- yes, even the light colors and natural/beige! If you are inclined to spot treat, we recommend Folex spot remover as a nontoxic, water-based  pre-treatment. We also recommend using an oxy cleaner or washing soda, to safely remove typical dog dirt.

      Sole Mats in larger sizes will be heavy when wet. Be sure your machine is up to this, or consider a commercial machine.

      Latex mattresses should never be exposed to heat. Any foam mattress is a fire hazard when exposed to heat.

    • What size bed should I order?

      For Orthopedic dog beds, measure any bed you have, and determine if you need to go larger or smaller. It is always better to go larger if you are in-between sizes. If you don’t have a bed, observe your dog’s sleeping habits and measure the area she takes up when stretched out. And, of course, puppies will grow! Our bed measurements are on each product page, and they account for shrinkage after machine wash and dry.

    • How do I get a fabric swatch?

      You can order fabric swatches for free. Simply send us a message on our Contact Us form, with the fabrics you are interested in. Be sure to include a mailing address!

      We try to represent colors as accurately as possible. But, depending on your monitor and the browser you use they may appear differently. You can order free fabric swatches on our Contact Us page.

    • How do I reach a person at All Natural Dog Beds?

      You can call: 856-866-6061


      Or, use our Contact Us form.