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What is so special about our Latex dog beds?

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foam latex dog mat close up

Our organic latex orthopedic dog beds are the ultimate in comfort and support. This is the only dog bed on the market that has graduated support/firmness according to dog bed size. We recommend this natural mattress for dogs with orthopedic issues, dogs on crate rest, and all dogs who like to be comfortable!! 

Organic Natural Latex

Here at All Natural Dog, we use GOLS Certified Organic Natural Latex for several reasons. The non-toxic, natural latex mattress is made with sap from the Hevea Brasiliensis, rubber tree. It is not a blended latex product. So, it is made without petroleum, plastics or fillers, which are typically found in most, or nearly all, foam dog beds. Our natural latex is 20x more durable than traditional bedding foams. Our dog bed mattress has a lifespan of over 10 years!

Freedom to move

Natural latex dog beds are both supportive by being uplifting, and pressure relieving on joints. Our natural latex orthopedic dog beds mattress provides dynamic support for the spine and joints, allowing your pet to move freely and comfortably on the mattress surface. In contrast, memory foam molds around the dog and may prohibit movement. All Natural Dog Beds’ latex breathes better than other types of foam products, providing cooler sleep. It allows body heat to dissipate, with its breathable design and cell structure, which creates a temperature neutral environment.


Our organic natural latex dog beds are a perfect choice for owners concerned about exposing pets to environmental toxins. Natural latex doesn’t off-gas like synthetic memory foam or polyurethane foam dog beds. No harmful chemicals are released as it is made of only 100% natural ingredients. Additionally, there are no flame retardants added.


Our latex orthopedic mattress doesn't need extra layers, so it is low to the ground and easy for dogs to step onto. Bed firmness increases with size. We use three levels of firmness. The toy and small mattress is soft enough for tiny dogs. Medium mattresses are slightly firmer and just right for mid-size dogs. Larger mattresses will be firmer for bigger, heavier dogs. The mattress density is chosen so that when the dog is laying down their weight is distributed comfortably and in proper alignment. Our natural latex dog beds are comfortably soft, yet very supportive. Great for dogs with orthopedic issues, and awesome for all dogs!

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    I would love to see shipping offered to Australia. I can’t find anything like these here, unfortunately

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