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Are fleas and ticks bugging your dog?

Posted by All Natural Dog Beds Admin on
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Your four-legged friend is probably already excited for walks in the sun and afternoons spent rolling in the grass this season! Unfortunately, along with warmer temperatures comes the possibility of bites from fleas and ticks.

Taking steps to prevent fleas and ticks will help to keep your home from being infested, and will keep your dog from itching all spring and summer long! Read on to learn a few of the tips from our experts at All Natural Dog Beds for preventing and treating fleas and ticks in your pets.

Prevent, don’t treat. Prevention goes a long way. Repel pests the natural way by spraying your dog’s fur, collar, and dog bed with a blend of a few drops of peppermint oil and cedar oil in water.

Inspect your pet. The best way to prevent an infestation of fleas or ticks is to inspect your pet immediately after a walk. Take a look at your dog’s mouth, brush through its fur, and don’t forget to check near the base of the tail as well.

Invest in tick remover key or fine tweezers. Knowing how to remove a tick quickly can help you stop the spread of secondary illnesses before your pet gets sick. Invest in a tick remover key or pair of fine-tip tweezers to nab ticks before they can burrow into your dog’s skin.

Check the label. Before applying flea or tick medication, check the label to ensure that it is safe for dogs- do not assume that the same medicine that will work on your cat’s fur will also work for your dog.

Keep your grass short. Fleas and ticks love to hide in tall grass. Be sure to mow your lawn regularly, and avoid allowing your pet to run through tall grass in wooded areas.

Remember that keeping your pet protected from pests is all about remaining vigilant. Helping your pet stay away from tick-prone areas, taking preventative measures to prevent pests from entering your home and choosing a washable cover for your eco-friendly dog bed this spring will help you and your pet rest a little easier this season.

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