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3 Things All Pet Owners Need to Know About Dust Mites

Posted by All Natural Dog Beds Admin on
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Though they may be invisible, dust mites hiding in your carpet and your pet’s bedding may be seriously impacting the health of your family and your pet. House dust mites are a common allergen found in most homes and can have harmful effects on both humans and dogs. Read on to learn about three things all pet owners need to know about dust mites and how to fight them.

  • Your dog may be allergic to dust mites. Allergies aren’t just limited to humans! An estimated 30 to 80 percent of dogs are sensitive to dust mites, and even pets that lived primarily outdoors can develop a sensitivity after they’ve been an “indoor pet” for a while. Signs of a dust mite allergy include itching (especially around the face and eyes), reoccurring bacterial skin infections and seborrhea, a dry, red, and itchy rash with white scales.
  • Dust mites can hide in your home. Dust mites thrive in dark, warm areas, and love to hide and lay eggs in carpeting and upholstery. This means that most pet beds are the ideal place for dust mites to thrive because the warmth of your dog’s body provides the heat dust mites need to reproduce.
  • Proper bedding can help. Luckily, there are a number of ways that you can help a dog suffering from a dust mite sensitivity. Our washable dog mats for sale online can help you avoid dust mites. By switching to mite-resistant latex bedding with washable covers, you can prevent dust mites from harming your pet. Our Latex mats and mattresses are also mold, mildew & and bacteria proof!

All Natural Dog Beds provides pet owners with options that can help alleviate a pet suffering from itching and pain caused by dust mites. From mattresses that are dust mite resistant to washable crate mats for dogs online, All Natural Dog Beds has the supplies that dog owners need to help eliminate dust mites.

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