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3 Environmental Toxins That Could Be Harming Your Dog’s Health

Posted by All Natural Dog Beds Admin on
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Though most of us try to live the healthiest lives possible, there’s simply no denying that our world is full of unnatural chemicals. From the preservatives that allow us to enjoy fruits and vegetables even in the dead of winter to the laundry list of chemicals that we use to clean our home, environmental toxins are all around us.

While humans are usually okay with a limited amount of everyday exposure to these toxins, a rise in cancers and autoimmune diseases in our pets may be related to the steadily increasing number of everyday environmental toxins we introduce to our home.

Read on to learn three of the most common environmental hazards that may be lurking in your home. While not all pets will show adverse effects to these toxins, it’s worth taking the time to do your research and decide if they are worth expelling from your pet’s life.

  • Glyphosate. The treats that you feed your dog may not be much of a treat to their immune system. Many commercial dog foods and treats contain glyphosate, a common chemical included in insecticides like Roundup. Glyphosate can attack cell metabolic pathways, which can contribute to poor gut health in your pets.
  • Artificial fibers. You probably haven’t spent much time thinking about the fibers that make up your dog’s bedding, but if your pooch has been sleeping on a bed stuffed with artificial fillers, he or she may be absorbing some of the endless number of bleaching and cleaning chemicals used to sanitize material for stuffing. Try switching to an organic option, you can even buy an orthopedic dog bed online from us here at All Natural Dog Beds.
  • Plastics. Cheap plastic products, like your dog’s water bowl or chew toys, have a tendency to be filled with toxins that are banned from products used for humans. Switching over to stainless steel bowls and cotton toys is a great alternative for harmful plastics.

The best way to protect your best friend from environmental toxins? Making the natural choice! Switching over to more environmentally-friendly and preservative-free toys and products can help to improve the health of your pup.

You can order organic treats and buy orthopedic dog beds online to help improve the life of the animal who has given you so much love. Show them a little love back by investing in natural products today!

If you wish to learn more about our organic and safe options here at All Natural Dog Beds, contact us today!

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