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Luxury dog beds are our specialty. The Sleep In Bed is our coziest creation. Dogs love to snuggle inside the sleeping bag compartment, or sleep on top! Our high quality dog beds are hand sewn in the USA.

This beautiful bed has our fabulous, super soft organic cotton fleece inside and out. Our Organic Cotton Fleece is grown, processed and sewn in USA. The fleece is heavy and not anything like typical polyester fleece. It washes up easily in hot or cold water. Keeps your pet snuggly warm in winter, and is appreciated in air conditioned houses during the summer.

The Sleep In Bed contains a very fluffy pillow made with recycled poly in a cotton encasement. The pillow is removable to make laundering a breeze. Our high quality, eco friendly, dog beds are all hand sewn in the USA.

Available in 1 size. Large 34×34. Size medium shown with our 14″, 10 lb. model, Iuana, inside.

Sizing info: The Large size bed will fit an 18-20″ shoulder height dog, or 2-3 smaller dogs and/or cats.

Bed size fit accounts for shrinkage after machine wash and dry. If you are in-between sizes we suggest ordering the next larger size to be sure the dog will able get in easily and move around inside comfortably. And, of course, puppies will grow!

Why organic cotton?
Organically grown cotton does not contain any chemicals that could be unhealthy for you or your dog. Out of all the crops in the United States, cotton is the most laden with pesticides and herbicides, wreaking havoc on our land, poisoning our water supply, the air, and us. That is why at All Natural Dog Beds, we choose natural, eco-friendly, organically grown cotton for our dog blankets and beds.


Large, Large with Latex Mattress


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