Blanket, Ice Blue Fleece

Blanket, Ice Blue Fleece

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Double layered, Organic cotton dog blanket in Blue ice.

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Our Organic Cotton Fleece Dog Blankets are just delightful! They are soft, warm and cozy. This blanket is made of a double layer of heavy organic cotton fleece, that is grown, processed and sewn in USA. Our organic cotton fleece is much more substantial than any polyester/polar fleece. And, it is comfortable all year round.

Small 25 x 33
Medium 33 x 50
Large 50 x 58

Organic Cotton is absorbent, soft, and breathable; never irritating, itchy, stiff or clingy. Cotton breathes better than oil-based synthetic fabrics like polyester, so does not trap moisture in the bed. Organic cotton does not contain any chemicals that could be unhealthy for your dog.

Organic Cotton is stain resistant, REALLY! Odors wash out easily, and it keeps its shape after frequent washing and drying. It does not cause static electricity, so there is no need for fabric softeners.

This blanket is wonderful for a pet with allergies or sensitive skin. Also fabulous for humans!

Made in the USA to withstand lots of rough canine activity. Most people prefer to sleep on cotton. Why not let your dog enjoy it too!


Small, Medium, Large


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