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We usually ship via UPS or US Postal Service. Orders are normally shipped within 1-2 business days. We are located in NJ, so shipping to the West Coast can take about a week.

Our shipping rates are calculated based on your order, for shipping within the contiguous United States:
$99.99 or less shipping fee is $15.00
$100.00 to $199.99 shipping $19.00
$200.00 to $299.99 shipping $23.00
$300.00 to $399.99 shipping $30.00
$400.00 to $499.00 shipping $40.00
$500.00 to $699.99 shipping $50.00
$700.00 and above, shipping $65.00

We compress our packages as much as possible to keep shipping costs down. Our shipping rates reflect what we are charged and the cost of shipping materials. Larger Orthopedic beds are especially bulky and heavy, which requires added shipping costs. Unfortunately, shipping costs are unavoidable.

There is no such thing as 'free shipping', and we want the charges to be transparent! If you are finding free shipping, keep in mind the cost is in there somewhere, and often in place of the highest quality materials.

Occasionally regional rates cost less, so we issue a refund for the difference. 🙂

Yes, we ship to Canada and elsewhere frequently, via USPS Priority International. For information and rates on shipping outside of the contiguous US and International shipping please Contact Us. If you indicate an address/postal code and items/sizes for purchase, we'll send you a quote quickly! For example, shipping a medium size Vita bed to western Canada via Priority International runs about $69.

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