Organic Cotton Dog Blankets

Our cozy organic dog blankets are made of organically grown cotton and are hand-sewn in the USA. All of our blankets are double layered with heavy organic cotton fleece. The quality of our organic cotton can be felt the moment you touch it. Our blankets provide comfort all year round and never feel itchy or scratchy. Choose from several sizes and colors to pick the best blanket to keep your dog warm and cozy for years to come. Pair your new organic cotton dog blanket with something from our selection of orthopedic dog bedsorganic dog mats, or sleep-in dog beds! All of our products work together perfectly to give your dog the rest they deserve.

All Natural Dog Beds’ Cotton Blankets are heavenly soft, warm and cozy. Our blankets are great for creating a special spot for your dog anywhere in the house, in a vehicle, or in a dog (or human) bed. These blankets are ideal for pets with allergies or sensitive skin. They’re also fabulous for humans!

Organic Cotton is soft, absorbent, breathes better than oil-based, synthetic fabrics like polyester, and will not trap moisture in the blanket.  If you’ve ever noticed dampness in your dog bedding, it is usually the result of polyester fabrics that trap moisture inside, often causing mold and mildew. Cotton is not itchy, irritating, stiff or clingy, and is comfortable all year round.

Our organic fleece blankets are made with a substantial heavy knit fleece that is not anything like typical polyester or polar fleece. Our organic fleece washes up easily in hot or cold water. It quickly sheds dirt, odors and stains, and blankets keep their shape after frequent machine washing and drying. Organic cotton does not generate static electricity, so there is no need for fabric softeners with our blankets (when laundered with only cotton items).

Why organic cotton?

Organically grown cotton does not contain any chemicals that could be unhealthy for you or your dog. Out of all the crops in the United States, cotton is the most laden with pesticides and herbicides, wreaking havoc on our land, poisoning our water supply, the air, and us. That is why at All Natural Dog Beds, we choose natural, eco-friendly, organically grown cotton for our dog blankets and beds.

Our organic fabrics are grown and produced in the USA and India (Fair Trade). Our heavy organic cotton fleece is grown in Texas and processed in North Carolina. All Natural Dog Beds’ blankets are available in 3 sizes and a variety of popular colors. Our high quality, eco-friendly, natural dog bedding is all hand-sewn in the USA by professional seamstresses, and can easily withstand frequent laundering and doggy antics!

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