Organic Cotton Dog Blankets

Our cozy organic dog blankets are made of organically grown cotton and are hand-sewn in the USA. All of our blankets are double layered with heavy organic cotton fleece. The quality of our organic cotton can be felt the moment you touch it, providing comfort all year round and never feel itchy or scratchy. Choose from several sizes and colors to pick the best blanket to keep your dog warm and cozy for years to come. Pair your new organic cotton dog blanket with one of our orthopedic dog beds or organic dog mats. All of our products work together perfectly to give your dog the rest they deserve.

All Natural Dog Beds’ Cotton Blankets are heavenly soft, warm and cozy. Our blankets are great for creating a special spot for your dog anywhere in the house, in a vehicle, or in a dog (or human) bed. These blankets are ideal for pets with allergies or sensitive skin, and fabulous for humans!

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