Our Latex Orthopedic Dog Beds mattress is made in the USA of Natural Talalay Latex (from the rubber tree).
  • Talalay Latex provides 31% more pressure relief than memory foam.
  • Does not require heat for comfort. Does not generate heat.
  • Moving, dynamic support, allows your pet to move freely on the mattress surface.
  • Made without petroleum or plastics, which are typically found in memory foam and other dog beds.
  • Mold, mildew & bacteria proof! Dust Mite resistant. Bio-degradable.
  • Our Latex Orthopedic Dog Bed is Pure, heavenly comfort for dogs of all ages and sizes!
  • Bed Firmness increases with size as recommended below.
  • Talalay is 4x more durable than other latex and 20x more durable than traditional bedding foams and memory foam.
  • Removable, zippered liner is washable.
Talalay Latex Orthopedic Dog Bed
Mattress Density and Sizing

The latex mattress has a low profile for easy access. We stock several densities of mattress foam, as the density of the foam is what determines support and comfort.  This is not a typical “one size fits all” orthopedic dog bed. Bed firmness increases with size and will support dog weight as noted.

Approximate Bed Size recommendation for proper support and comfort:
Toy  10 pounds and under
Small 10-30 pounds
Medium  20-50 pounds
Large  50-100 pounds
XLarge 70–170 pounds
XXLarge 100 pounds and up

Our Talalay Latex is Certified “Standard 100” by Oeko-Tex, to be Free of harmful substances including:  
  • Illegal substances such as carcinogenic colorants
  • Legally regulated substances such as formaldehyde, plasticizers, heavy metals or pentachlorophenol
  • Substances which according to current knowledge are harmful to health, but which are not yet regulated or prohibited by law such as pesticides, allergenic dyes or tin-organic compounds
  • Parameters such as color fastness and a skin-friendly pH-value, which are precautionary measures to safeguard consumer health

Overall the test criteria clearly exceed existing legislation and often have a pioneering function regarding legal regulations – such as the exclusion of carcinogenic azo dyes, the strict limit values for formaldehyde as well as the ban on allergenic dyes.

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