Dog Beds FAQ

organic dog blanket with dog

Where are your dog beds manufactured?

All of our products are hand sewn in USA.

Where do you source your organic cotton fabrics?

The certified organic cotton in all of our fabrics is grown, processed and printed in the USA or India (Fair Trade).

Where is your Natural Talalay Latex made?

Our Talalay Latex is made in the USA. Our latex is certified by Oeko-Tex .

Do your beds contain flame retardants?


Does a 3 inch high latex mattress provide enough orthopedic support for a large dog?

Yes. Our Talalay Latex is made in different firmnesses and used according to bed size. Larger beds will be firm enough for large size dogs, while smaller beds will be softer, and appropriate for the comfort of small dogs. Our XX Large Orthopedic dog beds are already being enjoyed by dogs over 170 pounds! The 3 inch height also makes it easier for dogs to step onto the bed.

Some manufacturers use higher/thicker foam. Most of those beds are made with layers of foam glued together. We do not use glue in any of our products. This is also why we don’t offer couch type beds with raised sides.

How do I wash All Natural Dogs’ products?
We recommend washing our bed covers and pillows in cold water with an earth friendly detergent, and hang drying. However, they can be washed in warm or hot water and heat tumbled dry; this may increase fading of some fabrics, wrinkling, and shrinkage. Cotton fabrics will wrinkle, but we feel that is not as important as the natural qualities of our beds. Our beds will last for years and resist stains naturally- yes, even the light colors and natural/beige! If you are inclined to spot treat, we recommend Folex spot remover as a nontoxic, water-based  pretreatment. We also recommend using an oxy cleaner in the wash to safely remove typical dog dirt.

Latex mattresses should never be exposed to heat. Any foam mattress is a fire hazard when exposed to heat.
What size Bed should I order?
For Orthopedic dog beds, measure any bed you have, and determine if you need to go larger or smaller. It is always better to go larger, if you are in between sizes. If you don’t have a bed, observe your dog’s sleeping habits and measure the area she takes up when stretched out. And, of course, puppies will grow! Our bed measurements are on each product page. Bed sizes account for shrinkage after machine wash and dry.

We also make custom sized Orthopedic dog beds and mats. Contact us to discuss your needs.

For Sleep In Beds, the Toy size ‘Sleep In Bed’ will fit a ‘tea cup’ dog or small Chihuahua, Japanese Chin etc., or small cat. The Small size bed will fit approximately a 12-13″ shoulder height dog, or cat. The Medium size bed will accommodate dogs up to approximately 16″ shoulder height. The Large size bed will fit an 18-20″ shoulder height dog, or 2-3 smaller dogs and/or cats. Our models are shown in different sizes as indicated on the individual bed pages. If you are in-between sizes we suggest ordering the next larger size to be sure the dog will able get in easily and move around inside comfortably. And, of course, puppies will grow! Bed sizes account for shrinkage after machine wash and dry.

How do I get a fabric swatch?
You can order fabric swatches for free. Simply send us a message on our Contact Us form, with the fabrics you are interested in. Be sure to include a mailing address!

We try to represent colors as accurately as possible. But, depending on your monitor and the browser you use they may appear differently. You can order free fabric swatches on our Contact Us page.