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All Natural Dog Beds' goal is to produce high quality organic dog beds for all dogs, large or small, young or old. Our driving force is to continually evaluate our materials to achieve the healthiest, eco-friendly dog bedding on the planet at the most affordable cost, without compromising quality, comfort or style.

All Natural Dog was founded in 2010 by Dr. Mary Hughes, a retired Nurse Practitioner, and lifelong animal lover. Our first dog bed, the Sleep In Bed, was created out of necessity for one of our Italian Greyhounds, Noita. She was losing fur for no apparent reason, in spite of an outstanding diet, frequent exercise and socialization. Knowing how irritating polyester can be, we figured she needed a cotton or natural fabric dog bed. Since no cotton beds were available at the time, we got creative with a home sewing machine and some trendy cotton fabrics.

Before long, we realized that conventional cotton is grown and processed with a toxic mix of chemical soup. For this reason, we decided to venture into organic cotton fabrics to create our dog beds. Combine the need for natural cloth, with a passion for creating new things, an obsession with beautiful fabrics, and suddenly you have a house full of gorgeous dog beds!

Of course, we had many projects that were not a success in the beginning. Besides being pretty, the beds had to make it through frequent washing, puppy antics and accidents, and old-dog comfort needs. After much sharing and testing by our friends’ dogs, we were compelled to start offering our dog beds for sale.

Along the way we’ve connected with like-minded suppliers dedicated to enriching and preserving the earth with pure, organic goods. We have discovered that organic products are not only healthy for our own pets and household, but they protect farmers and the planet from toxic chemicals. We have teamed up with a professional seamstress in New Jersey to ensure that we always provide high quality, hand sewn products, while promoting goods made in the USA. To maintain integrity and fair pricing, our high quality organic dog beds are exclusively sold on this e-commerce website, and our Etsy store.

We are dog lovers and owners. We have a deep-rooted interest in canine health and well-being. All Natural Dog is dedicated to supporting canine health research for the benefit of all dogs, through monetary donations to several leading research universities and the Canine Health Foundation.

Like our customers, we are active people and simply want healthy, comfortable dog beds that are attractive, easy to launder, and made to last. That is what we do: Quality, Comfort, Style!

For more insight on the virtues of organic products and dog health, please visit our blog.

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